So difficult to stand for anything these days

Tolerance has boiled us down to split pea soup

Not very attractive

Not very appealing

Little to no flavor

In desperate need of salt

I never, ever hear the halt

Of wisdom before reply

I listen to all this hubris, I sigh

Because no one seems to see the hate

Everyone is so irate

That none of us can hear another’s heartbeat

We’re too damn consumed with our own

So I will climb down off my lofty throne

To begin to simply listen

In the places where the dungeons glisten

I know there is a goodness somewhere within

Treasure is never easy to find

For if it were it wouldn’t be treasure

Maybe all of this uproar is our clarion call

That in the midst of all the difference, the turmoil

We seek for the meaning within it all

That meaning that always is above and beyond ourselves

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