The Tree

The Tree

I see this person that I’ve become

Most seem to mourn this aging

I have come to see it as a stark improvement

Over the ridiculous ignorance of my youth

I was much too sullen

Much too serious

Now I see the world really doesn’t depend on me

Now I see that to taste the free

I get to dance in the world of going lightly

I get to allow my neighbor to walk so slightly

Upon everything I ever believed in

Still I nod with respect

My heart and soul I do not neglect

But rather I go on in the making

I go on with the sifting, on with the shaking

Enjoying this one hell of a ride

I take the hurts and the pains in stride

I keep on walking, I keep on learning

I keep on hoping, I keep on weaning

Myself off of this very drab lore.

I know not what there might be in store

For the rest of the grand delusion

But I do know there is love and there is goodness

For I have found these things are truly eternal

So I like this person I’ve become

I know no answers

Only questions

I know not the length of any gestations

I simply know that I’m growing into myself

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  1. Curious who this poet was, I read your about me…when I read about a great valley in N. Calif. I suspected Redding, then I read about a brood, and a physician, and the name put an end to the story. How ironic to find each other now that we’re in Colorado, after five years living so close and going to the same church. I usually run from poetry, I think because I was unable to do meter, in words or notes. But I love this poem. I’m further down the road than you are, but I have some of the same thoughts and feelings about aging. It’s good to know there’s a harbor at the end of the voyage for all of us sons and daughters who love the Father – at least as well as we can in our own prodigal son ways. As long as we’re on the way back to Him, we have an embrace awaiting us. How sweet!


    1. Ha! Thanks Franco! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂


    2. And BTW great to hear from you. Hope all is going well in Colorado.


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