I don’t have time to play these games

This phantom world has been rearranged

Now everything is so very out of place

Even in the mirror as I see my face

I do not recognize this one I see

I look to the sun, the moon, the skies

To anything where I am mesmerized

Yet the sustenance never happens, wasted

This time of life I have chronically tasted

This taste seems always bittersweet

Bitterness seems to be the great anathema

That every living being inhales with great drama

A fragrance lifting from the skies

Yet not the heavenly skies, these lies

Seem to be in the midst of all my fragrances

There is also a hint of jasmine in every one

A delight from the light of the glistening sun

This one thing reaches to the core of feel

Fulfilling all I wish to be real

This wonder is so much more than skin deep

This joy seems to have its very own vibration

I drink it deep in such an intense libation

That music weeps from the great divide

It soars and pours and flies and glides

Right into the very being of my hearing

Everything I sense is love


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  1. I love this- beautiful poem


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