I’m ready to float right out of this universe

Alight onto another

Far more distant than this one

Yet closer than the breath of my lungs

I breathe the same air as the warlords, the bright ones

That spread love and peace and happiness and battle

The ones that make their swords all rattle

As they drop them into the ground to plant some life into it

Beings placed Deep into the brown, soft earth

Reddened by another’s blood

Watered by a steeping flood

Of submitted will and alabaster


The full moon just fills the fanning window above my head

Reflected light overpowering the lingering autumn darkness

Leaves unchanged as of yet

Yet we know that all is coming

To the sounds of soulful lutes and lyres

The coolness brings the smell of fires

And a thousand thousand drops of rain

I lift my head again and again

To see if there is yet any difference

No matter how many times I lift my head to see

It is my heart that feels the breezes


I am reconciled, I am reconciled

Like a favorite blanket to a crying child

There is a restoration forming in this quiet soul

That is surrounded by harsh and disruptive raucous

Yet nothing but stillness deep within

A stillness so deep, unfathomable, restless

Its movement changes worlds

Its vibration lifts the earth

Setting it, vast, into a different place

Where freedom never dies

An inkling, a nature, a persistent cry

Does drive us into that galaxy wide

That is so narrow many miss the smile

Could it be that we are all so worthwhile

That on us love alights?

I foresee again, I foresee again

The friendless and forgotten do know a friend

Who smiles again as does a brother

Whose embrace is that of gentle mother

Simply warmth and grace and good and love

A place where I can truly know enough

Where a reality exceeds my expectation


Is there ever an end to this disrupting frustration?

Or is this simply the fuel that feeds me on?

In all of this weakness, through all of this brawn

I simply seek on for the firelight

Realizing my alabaster wishes have pierced the night

So the sky is overwhelming in its shadows

Clouds so immense they dance

with the movement of the moistures

They grow in ever increasing cloisters

Bringing a realization into the mix


Could it be that we are so worthwhile

That on us love alights?



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