Eighteen Theme

Eighteen Theme

I hadn’t written any poetry yet for 2018, but today it simply began to flow and I just went with it. I think the theme of 2018 is going to be rest and restoration, and what brings that about is beauty and joy and delight. So, I hope that this piece will get your year started off in a great direction, and may you know all that is good in this upcoming year. 🙂


Eighteen Theme

I have felt a call from the ancients

To come and see where I came from
To join in and listen to the songs, the prayers

The sayings, the wisdom

Things that were thought long-forgotten

But, no,

They still live deeply within our very souls


I hear the bass tones, stirring

My heart cries out, “Go there, go there now!”

Of course all the science behind my brow

Just rolls its eyes in a slumber

A slumber induced by the intoxicating opiate

Of pride in the midst of ignorance


I have long since began walking toward the sound

I have just started to place my bare feet upon the ground

So that I can feel the touch of the earth,

The Sea

The Stone

Many would say all I do is roam

But there is a roaming with a purpose


To know what is sheer delight


It’s been a while since I’ve been out at night

Not to take in more of the same

But to look to the skies

To hear my name

Whispered through the eons of time


I can’t hear that unless I listen

I can’t see it unless I look

The sounds of the Merced river, brook

Still bring serenity to my aging ears

I put on peace and take off fears

So I can continue on the journey


I don’t want my life to be lived on a gurney

Being pushed and pulled

Torn and worn

I want to live it on my bare feet

I might not get there very fast

I might not get there at all

But I will have seen the shades of fall

Turn my heart into an amber orange


Living in the colors is what really matters to me

And to live in the colors

I have to see with my ears

Hear with my eyes

Be always expecting the gift of surprise

Be always expecting the gift of delight

Be always expecting the night and the light

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  1. Beautiful piece and photo. It must be wonderful to enjoy such a spectacular place, especially at night, and I can kind of feel it from your words (“put on peace and take off fears”) even though I’m surrounded by noisy fans and computers, and traffic sounds. 😃

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  2. You can always take a trip 🙂 🙂 :). Yosemite might be calling… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is calling in my imagination. 😃 Currently bushfires and 95F.


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