Turn Aside (again)

In a year where I am convinced a major theme for me is “Rest and Restoration” I have had some crazy, crazy days. So much so I haven’t written much at all. So the other day I am heading in for another busy day, and….well…I’ll let the poem tell you the rest.

Turn Aside

I was simply marching this morning

Marching as I always do

Day after day

An obedient servant to the power of the clock

Time marches on, so must I

So must I in this eye for an eye world


But then


I looked to the right

It was the sunlight

I hadn’t seen it for days

The yellow-orange clouds and haze

Diffused the light into my very soul

I felt it enter in

And beckon me to turn aside


I paused, just for a moment

The green, wet grass was the forbidden path

The concrete pointed my appointed way

But I decided to do something very different this day


I turned aside


I walked a short way

The closer I came to the mountains distant

The brighter the sunlight became

I came to the place where I could no longer go

Knowing now the day would no longer be the same


I just stood there

Sunlight peaking over Mount Lassen

Mists spreading through the valley

There was such a beauty there it could not be denied

there was a magic released when I turned aside


As I stood there I felt I must take a photo

I took it

But it did not do the scene justice

One could not feel the invigorating air

One could not hear the birds song rising

One could not sense the peace of compromising

All that I knew to be right for this beauty


I finally had to go my way

I wished in this moment I could longer stay

But the sun was rising

The light hurting my eyes

I was glad to observe the colors of skies

That I would never have noticed


Without turning aside

Turn Aside 2

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