The Stone

I follow a blog here on Word Press entitled “Walking with a Smacked Pentax.” It’s a fascinating blog written by James Elkington. He walks about the lands of Scotland, Northern England, and Wales taking photographs and telling stories of the areas he is photographing. It’s a great blog and I think I love it most because it shows me the land of my ancestors, land that I’ve never set foot on, but land where I know my DNA resides.

The other day he posted some photographs from the Scottish Highlands and I was particularly struck by one image, an image of the Praying Hands Stone. As I looked at it I had a poem come to me and I quickly wrote it down. I asked James if I could share his image with my poem and he very graciously agreed to. So today I share the photography of James Elkington along with the poem I wrote about it. Hope you enjoy!

Praying Mary's Hands Stone copy (1)

The Stone

I wonder if in all of our scientific prowess 

We have lost the things that matter most

Maybe it’s our materialism, our naturalism

They’ve led us to the answers

But the answers are not alive

They are dead and cold numbers

Mere equations and complicated formulae 

That leave our brains full

Our hearts completely empty 

A desert where no love or imagination 

Brings colors back into the scenery

I think the time has come 

For a both, and an and

A time where human beings

Become human again 

Using our discoveries for the good of us all

Leaving room for our lives full of colors

I simply know if I had my druthers 

I would let love and wisdom live side by side



James’ blog can be found at Go check it out 🙂

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  1. Another thought provoking piece, I like the progression of ideas here, to a balance. “Using our discoveries for the good of us all” is one of the stand outs for me. It reminds me of the great minds that are wasted, not those that never have a chance of education and must struggle for bare existence, although that is also a tragedy, but in so many situations, the brightest wind up in activities that are of no real benefit.

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