My logic and beliefs have worked me into a place

Where my own life is totally meaningless

I felt the inky black tar pulling me in

A small black hole here in the arms of the Milky Way

Small, but still no light could get through

Somehow wakefulness pulled me out of its throes

I still could smell the scent of woes

Lingering amongst my skin

I have no friends, I have no kin

Here in this place of foreign apparitions

Today I touched the black partition

That separated us from the world of the sane

The fright still grasps my soul, my feet 

Still know the sense of being the head

I hope I never know the dread

Of feeling overwhelmed again


“Happiness doesn’t come from what you have

It comes from what you are.”



If that is the case I might be great

Or I might be on the path to destruction

Dismembered by the power of a gravity so great

No atom may enter untouched


“If I have many material goods, I will not have time to care

For the things I really love, then I lose my freedom.”


There is such goodness that comes from other worlds

Maybe this trip to the black holes of my own

Is showing me its time to look out to the Cosmos

To find the diversity of the light in the stars


I’m finding myself more in balance now

I’m finding the air to breathe

I think it’s time to sit here quietly

Taking the moments for simply enjoying the sun

I don’t know if I’ve lost or won

But I’m learning I cannot know it all


But I surely can let All know me

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