Listless, wandering ship

Deep and darkened ocean

Infinite in its mystery

Forever in its awe

Sails limp and ineffective

Outside of the trade winds

I am nothing but a drifter

I cry out for help within

I hear nothing but the swells

The call of the depths

For just one more soul to devour

I hear a shuffle behind me

It is the half-blind, half-crippled deck hand

Beginning his daily routine

I don’t have to look to see him

I can smell his terrible odor

And I grow angry that he is there

Interrupting my thoughts and prayer

I long to see the eyes of God

To know some way out of this disaster

I hear nothing but the swells

The call of the depths 

For just one more life to devour

The deck hand begins to scour

Begins to scrub

The endless stain of salt and crumb

Off of the heart of the boat

I turn and look

He is peaceful, content

No sign of dour, no harsh intent

No complaining

No, he’s humming an old sailor’s song

“You there, sir” I call out to him.

He raises his face to me. 

One eye completely white 

A past trauma no doubt

The other a blue-green just like the sea

He answers not a word

He only looks directly into me

Just like the sea

“How can you go on like this?” I ask

“How can you go on in this vain repetition

Humming along, singing a song,

All the while we drift into nowhere?”

He continued looking into me

At this point I’m feeling quite ashamed

I don’t even know why

There’s something about those dichotomous eyes

That brings the entire universe into order

Finally he speaks

“I simply live in the now

Where I plant, where I plow

Is simply where I am

I trust the winds will guide me there

Though we cannot see the air

We know that it exists

Now…see the rustling in your hair…”

Twas true

As we talked there was a gull that flew

There was a presence of the breezes

The sails began to flicker but I wasn’t sure of what to do

I looked inquisitively at the deck hand again

“It’s ok, my son, it’s ok. The captain will make all things new.”

I then began to see

The answer to my prayer for God’s eyes to see

Was looking right into me

Was kneeling on the deck

Washing the crusts away

My ship was on its way.


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  1. A gorgeous piece full of mystical allegory, and a hopeful message for the New Year. Always a pleasure to read your work and combat the doom and gloom.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! And the best of the best for 2019 for you. May an abundance of goodness and creativity be yours. And honestly the “combat the doom and gloom” might be one of the best compliments I’ve ever had. Thanks again.

      Liked by 1 person

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