Originally posted on Songs From the River:
Obstacles No matter these random obstacles The water still will find its way To its measured destination Without a sigh or marked frustration it will sing on until its very end Where actually there is not an end Just a cycle of deep and infinite mysteries ?

The Dance

The Dance I often get so frustrated That there isn’t an infinite amount of poetry in me I know I need to write it I can feel it in my chest I can feel it even Deeper than that I can feel it in the places where spirit and soul do flow Yet there is…


Hero My grandfather rested in a recliner at 50, My father walked many laps at 50, I will run at 50, My sons and daughters will sprint with great endurance at 50, And my grandsons and granddaughters will fly at 50. My great grandsons and great granddaughters will reach the moon at 50 and my…